Custom Audiovisual Solutions


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Design & Analysis

Successful projects begin with good design and good design starts with critical listening. Our professional sales staff has the necessary experience and training to carefully review and evaluate your most critical needs. These ideas and suggestions are then referred to our engineering team.



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“Napkin sketches” of your design should not be an acceptable method of documenting your project! Our engineering team takes the design and analysis elements and carefully generates a detailed list of equipment that our sales team members price from. CSAV is known for its reliable and cost-effective A/V designs, backed by complete project documentation from start to finish.

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Custom audiovisual solutions must include custom control systems with intuitive interfaces (remote controls). Having equipment you can’t operate is like owning a boat without oars. Control programming is one area where CSAV leads the way.


CSAV employs the very best, full-time, certified staff of installers, technicians, and project managers. The vast majority of our audiovisual sales are installed projects, meaning we’re experts in running cabling, mounting your displays, projectors, projection screens, speakers, and source equipment. And by the way, the back of our equipment racks look as good as the front.



Don’t forget the training! Every project we deliver includes full operational instruction with direction on how to care for your system.


Support after the sale of the systems we install is extremely important to you and we understand that. Our technical support is a primary reason for our success through the years. Do not purchase turn-key technology solutions from those that can’t support you after the sale!